How To Make Friends At Work

This is another no-brainer until you stretch your comfort zone a bit and take it outside of your own work industry. I know plenty of finance folks, so I’m not trolling the American Banker’s Association to meet new friends. Instead, I try to find out where culinary professionals are gathering and learning about their craft. You don’t have to be in a big city or shell out a lot of cash to benefit from co-working. Local schools often have open public workspaces, and even your library probably has a spot where people can collaborate and meet without the 12 inch whisper. So when I’m at a party or a group event and I want to meet someone, I just walk up to them and say, “Hey, I don’t think we’ve met before.

Instead, go to the museum or happy hour or have your co-worker over for dinner. You can even ask remote colleagues who live in your area to co-work with you. Repotting will elevate the friendship from work bae to full-fledged bud. Use the shared kitchen area to meet new people, talk about their jobs, make conversation about their interests or favorite snacks, etc. Participating in activities with your kids is a great way to meet other work from home or stay at home parents. Regularly attend your children’s sporting events and hobby classes to chat up other parents while your kids enjoy their lessons.

I remember walking home after a busy day when a new Whatsapp group buzzed. One of the girls invited people to meet her at a coffee shop. I was feeling tired and not in the mood to meet brand new people. But I pushed myself and was glad I did because it led to many future meetups.

We become friends with the people we see all the time – our next-door neighbor, the college classmate who sat next to us in the lecture hall, or the colleague who shared our cubicle wall. Engaging in casual chit chat in the minutes before or after a meeting can be enough to spark a connection that turns into a friendship. Reimagining Work It’s time to redefine how we construct our work days. Here’s where we explore Tips on How to Make Friends When You Work From Home the emerging conversations about Work 2.0. Okay, but what if you’re rejected by your co-worker and now you have to spend all day on Slack with them wondering why they don’t like you? Truly, jumping back into a social life after so many months of lockdown can be jarring, and everyone’s taking it at their own pace. Pre-pandemic, talking on the phone felt like something we did way back when Facetime wasn’t a thing.

How To Make Friends In A New City From Someone Who Did It

The city you just relocated to may be close to one of the 58 national parks in the United States. And if that is the case, then you can seriously consider getting the America the Beautiful Pass that will give you immediate access to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. As a nature lover and a passionate hiker, you’ll get multiple benefits by purchasing that pass as it will actually cover the entrance fees at national parks and national wildlife refuges. Look online for educational institutions and organizations that offer foreign language classes in the new city. Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese… you can’t go wrong with any foreign language you’ve always wanted to learn. In fact, photography a hobby that will get you out of your home, and that’s the number one prerequisite for making friends in a new city.

Tips on How to Make Friends When You Work From Home

If you determine it’s not your fault, then a new environment may be in order. Every boss will like that research finding—and here’s another one. A Gallup study found that remote employees with work friendships were more fulfilled, more loyal, and less likely to seek work elsewhere.

Follow Up On Chat

Managers can do their part to create an inclusive environment at work that can foster friendships. By taking a genuine interest in employees’ lives, managers can create a culture that values social bonding. I say it all the time but it’s better to be alone than in bad company. Remember, you won’t be alone forever – it may just take a little longer to make friends in a new city if the first people you meet aren’t a match. Obviously this depends whether you’re looking for romantic or platonic relationships but it’s certainly a way to make connections in a new place.

  • Lunchroom chat usually involves any topic and is the perfect opportunity to bond with the people that you work with.
  • But just because you’re not in the same building as others doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be a hermit.
  • We only get one chance at life so I’m keen to have all the experiences possible.
  • If you’re brave, you can always go out alone and try to make friends that way, too.
  • While sprints may not seem like ideal moments to socialize, the safe space of a video call — without the pressure of a meeting agenda — allows for moments that end up building friendships.
  • Here’s how to make sure you are nurturing these critical relationships.

The presence of solid work friendships can impact multiple facets of your business. Regardless of the tasks you are performing, you are likely to experience workplace burnout at some point.

Genuine Ways To Make Friends When You Wfh

They’re more likely to say “yes” to a shorter commitment. You could help them imagine what it must be like in your shoes by joking about the challenges of learning about your new organization from afar. Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before a Zoom meeting starts and chat with whoever else shows up.

  • Lonely employees, in contrast, are less productive and more likely to leave their jobs.
  • The beauty of these connections is that they can come from the least likely places.
  • Smiles put everyone at ease and sends the message “I am approachable.” On the way to work, play an inspirational CD or some upbeat dance music.
  • Making friends as an adult can already be a bit tricky, and we often rely on an office for much of that post-school interaction.

And because working virtually is different from office work in so many ways, it also means rethinking how and why we make friends at work in the first place. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community, and it’s definitely one of the most rewarding and satisfying things a person can do in life.

Pay attention to your co-workers’ interests and passions. Other clues can be gathered by the photos they keep on their desk, the mugs they use and even wallpaper they use on their computer desktop. If you are interested in the same sporting team or event, try to spark up a conversation about a recent game. Butterflies conquered your stomach and a common worry included, “Who will I sit with at lunch?

You can even add a book club or film club element to your virtual happy hour. Planned gatherings that occur regularly are an excellent way to broaden your base of workplace friends and deepen your coworker friendships. These help reduce feelings of social anxiety and pressure. Everyone knows that if they miss out on one event, they can always join the next one. That’s what everyone wants after a hard day of work.

Say thank You And good Job

It might not be news to start working from your local coffee shop, but approaching it a little differently is the key to making new connections. At times, finding friends in a new city requires a bit of creativity. You may love reading books but has it ever occurred to you to join a book club in order to meet people who are also avid readers like you? Enjoy life.There isn’t a magic formula to making friends in a new city – sometimes good friendships form almost effortlessly, sometimes you end up empty-handed no matter how hard you try.

  • Obviously this depends whether you’re looking for romantic or platonic relationships but it’s certainly a way to make connections in a new place.
  • Enjoy life.There isn’t a magic formula to making friends in a new city – sometimes good friendships form almost effortlessly, sometimes you end up empty-handed no matter how hard you try.
  • The pandemic created a shift to remote work that may have negatively impacted some employees.
  • Meet-and-greet video calls are especially helpful if you’re new to a job or to a team.

And if you happen to disagree with something and you are asked for your opinion – say it! Don’t be shy to show your true personality, as people will like you for who you are. However, the more open you appear, the likelier it is for people to approach you and initiate conversation.


Because it turns out that connecting with other people at work is not only good for your mental health, it’s good for your job performance. Cummings has some great ideas about how to integrate phone calls into your professional life, even if you’re not used to it. “If a meeting ended five minutes early and you would have debriefed with a colleague, reach out and see if you can hop on a quick call,” she says. Although it’s very tempting to eat lunch at your desk and avoid all interaction with the outside world, it’s much more beneficial to take a break and eat in the lunchroom. This not only gives you a chance to refocus and rest your brain, but it also gives you the opportunity to get to know your colleagues on a more personal level. Having a work friend can help relieve tension and make your entire day enjoyable.

These tried and true social activities can help you make friends with coworkers whether you work remotely or in person. Whatever your situation is, there are bound to be colleagues who share some of your interests and your desire for personal connection. If you want to invite others to attend an event with you, you can choose from thousands of Meetup events taking place every day. If you’d prefer a private company event, you can easily create your own Meetup group and start hosting today. Two years into remote work, people are missing the daily interactions with colleagues they had while working in person. As a result, they’re feeling disconnected from their teams and companies, writes BBC Worklife, which is impacting overall well-being at work. Opportunities for team building can boost workplace friendship potential.

Coming together for the common good will raise your spirits and increase your chance of making new friends. Consider volunteering for a renowned national organization like Habitat for Humanity , Big Brothers Big Sisters, or Make A Wish Foundation. If those organizations don’t appeal to you, consider volunteering for a local group near your home. This has taken a toll on workers, whose profound loneliness is evident not only in the data but the numerous self-reports emerging from media sources of all kinds. The remote work world seems to have taken not only our ability to communicate with colleagues but also our potential for fostering friendships. Between April 2020 and February 2021, Microsoft’s 2020 Work Trend Index reported that work relationships have shifted in an unfortunate direction. However, as remote work became rote, companies have become quite siloed, and even interactions with close teammates have significantly diminished.

They keep their video applications on but move them to the back of their desktops and study individually or work in silence. Breaks are scheduled at a designated stopping point, but not required. Another pandemic side effect has been what analysts call the Great Resignation, which in August 2021 saw 4.3 million workers quit their jobs. Even as the unemployment rate starts to even out, worker attitudes have shifted, and money isn’t enough to keep employees anymore. In addition to helping avoid burnout, work friends bring other positive gains. Gallup’s research found that when 60% of employees in a company have a work best friend, safety incidents decreased by 36%, customer engagement increased by 7%, and profits increased by 12%.

Tips on How to Make Friends When You Work From Home

If you’reworking collaborativelyon a project and your coworker and yourself both face the same issues, you’re more likely to support each other and discuss possible solutions together. When trying to make friends in the office, it’s important not to be too pushy or inauthentic.

Set your view to gallery mode, and watch your fellow team members. Even the introverts among us have a need for some type of human connection at work. Long-standing research has shown that 72 percent of people who report having a “work bestie” are satisfied with their jobs, compared to 54 percent of those who don’t have a best friend at work. Team leads can help nurture work friendships by creating opportunities for people to connect. Look, making friends as an adult is hard, and the pandemic isn’t making things any easier.

These provide you with the perfect opportunity to meet people that you don’t directly work with every day and get to know them outside the office. Small talk can be awkward at the best of times, especially once you start a new job and you’re thrown into a cubicle next to someone you don’t know and can’t really escape. However, it’s an essential part of forming strong alliances in the office. “Would any of these relationships even exist if we’d worked together the way people have over the past 20 months—via Zoom, Slack, text, and email?

Ways To Make Friends Remotely

Never interrupt a conversation and don’t be pushy. They will either start talking or go back to work.

You can’t rely on the convenience of casual office interactions to help you develop relationships with co-workers. We have advice on making remote work friends when chatting in the kitchen or stopping by someone’s cubicle is out of the question. Not having an in-person office environment doesn’t mean you can’t still have a lunch date or coffee chat to catch up or get to know someone better. Meet-and-greet video calls are especially helpful if you’re new to a job or to a team.

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